This is the home of Participatory Budgeting in the UK

You’ve been redirected here from participatorybudgeting.org.uk, the website of the PB Unit, which was previously run by Church Action on Poverty. Funding for the PB Unit ended in early 2012. Since then the PB Unit website has not been updated. In late 2012 a new organisation, the PB Network, was formed to carry on the work.

You now have 3 options:

a) Continue to the homepage of the PB Network. This will allow you to connect with current best practise on Participatory Budgeting in the UK.

b) Go to the archived website of the PB Unit, where you can research how participatory budgeting became established in the UK. This is hosted by a third party not-for-profit archive of millions of websites. We have no control over this archive, but hope it may of interest to policy makers and researchers of citizen led participatory democracy. Note: some links and pictures may not function correctly.

c) Go to the website of Church Action On Poverty, who hosted the PB Unit site until 2012. Church Action On Poverty is not managing the PB Network but remains a supporter of improved democratic participation, and campaigns for the voice of those living in poverty or disadvantage to be heard.